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Custom Product Design and Development

custom promotional products So you have an idea for a promotional product or even possible a prototype but you are not sure what your next step is? Clayman Promotional Group offers product development services that will help you take the next step. We are product development consultants for many of our current customers and help them with not only design work but sample or prototype creation.

After 40 Years in the promotional product business, Clayman Promotional Group can leverage relationships with a variety of quality vendors all around the world.

We can help you ensure that your idea becomes a reality and help you meet your goals!

Trade Shows & Corporate Events

trade shows Let CPG Help Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd...

With shows that attract hundreds of exhibitors, there are very few that seem to "stand out from the crowd." Since memorability is an integral part of a visitors show experience, you should be looking at what makes you different and why a prospect should buy from you.

This is of particular concern with generic products in your industry. Every aspect of your exhibit marketing plan, including your promotions, your booth and your people should be aimed at making an impact and creating a memorable experience.

The old adage that 90% of success is showing up doesn't apply to trade shows!  90% of your success will be a direct result of careful planning.  Making a nice display and staffing it with friendly faces isn't enough to obtain optimal results.

Allow us to share our 40+ years of trade show experience with your organization so you can maximize the returns on your financial and time commitments.  Don't leave your success to chance!

Product Fulfillment

product fulfillment If you distribute collateral promotional materials, or sell products, let Clayman Promotional Group provide you with the technology, shipping and warehousing facilities to get the products to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Clayman Promotional Group specializes in product fulfillment, order processing via internet, phone or fax and warehouse management.

Our easy to use system lets you review inventory status, orders, and activity reports of customers and prospects - all conveniently accessible to you online 24/7 from anywhere in the world!

Order Processing

order fulfillment We offer you everything you need to stay connected to your customers including order management, inventory distribution, returns management, merchant services and customer support. We can integrate this service with your website, it is invisible to your customers, and can be customized to meet your operational needs.

  •     Receive orders via e-mail, shopping carts, online order forms, phone, fax and mail.
  •     Online shopping-cart order entry system.
  •     Send automatic personalized emails to customers for order confirmation, shipment or credit card denials.
  •     Retrieve order/shipment tracking information electronically and conveniently online.
  •     Customer service support
  •     Secure credit card transactions
  •     Returns Processing
  •     Customized Reports
  •     Utilize multiple freight carriers with seamless integrated technology to ship direct-to-consumer/business/retail/trade show campaigns.

Customer Care

Let our specially trained customer service agents be an extension of your business. At Clayman Promotional Group, we can receive and respond to all your customers' inquiries regarding orders, billing, shipping, returns, product information and much more! From our internet-enabled, fully-equipped customer care center our professional agents can provide you with the high levels of customer service that will put your business ahead of the competition.

We can handle:

  •     General customer inquiries
  •     Specific order inquiries
  •     Billing questions
  •     Shipping related questions
  •     Product information
  •     PLUS much, much more!

Warehouse Facilities

When your products or materials aren't being staged for orders, you can count on them being safely stored at our secure warehouse facility. Our warehouse offers dedicated areas for order fulfillment, packing, secure storing and shipping. Our warehouse facilities are capable of handling growth and expansion, and in turn allowing you the client flexibility to expand as your business venture activity increases.

Clayman Promotional Group warehouses consumer products, materials, printed components and finished kits. Our clients depend on us for complete inventory control and reporting services. Real-time information is available on-line via Internet or via requested hard copy.

Below is more information on our shipping procedures/methods and how we maintain accurate real-time inventory control:

Shipping Services

You can select just one or a combination of the different services we provide based on individual project needs and objectives. At Clayman Promotional Group we work with you to develop a custom package of our services and our cost-effective complete solution provides everything your business requires. If you have a service request or would like to inquire further about our service and product fulfillment abilities please feel free to send us an email.

We have partnerships with the leading mail/shipping companies and can ship nationwide AND worldwide.

Inventory Management

No matter what you're warehousing with Clayman Promotional Group, we know how vital it is to your business that you receive accurate, reliable inventory information precisely when you need it.

Our internet-based inventory and order management system allows you to manage and track a variety of reports & statistics including but not limited to order processing, product requests, sales reports and traffic statistics.

Our warehouse and computer networks and systems are monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring the safety of your products and data as well as nonstop operations of Internet-based services.
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